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1982 - 1992  

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Alexandra Tuttle
Hieroglyphics is 1480 squares whose stark beauty belie their banal origins; an installation composed of 140 signs is in the Permanent Collection of the Guggenheim in New York.

Using imprints of simple objects reduced the image to pure form. When combined, the patterns looked like letters in an undecipherable alphabet. They felt like a secret, ancient communication of some kind.

Peter Lawson Jonhston, Pres. of the Guggenheim Foundation was the first one from the Guggenheim to see my work. He came down to see my show at Nexus Gallery in Philadelphia.

Then Lisa Dennison, Chief Curator, visited my studio in France 4 times. In 1987 collectors Judie and Mort Simkins offered to give the museum a piece of my work, Lisa said immediately that they wanted the Hieroglyphics.

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