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Corps Mutation
1974 - 1977  

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Pierre Restany
The city trapped her with its technology and set off a new language within her... She holds her own personal language firmly in her hands... This work is by a woman who is bound to go far...
"Sheila  Reid at Palazzo Arengario"  by Pierre Restany  1977 (excerpts, translation)

My works come from precise pictures that I 'see' in my mind. They aren't an interpretation.  The placement, proportions, the size and even the colors are very clear in these visions.

Soft Patterns were a pure, unadorned expression that was very intense because of the repeated patterns. They were shown in many museums, the Gulbenkian in Lisbon , the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake , Musée Luxembourg in Paris, and many others but my favorite was at Fyns Kunst Museum , Denmark where the panels were suspended as if they were flying.

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