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Sheila Reid was born in Minneapolis. She studied at the experimental Montieth College at Wayne State University, at the Center for Creative Studies university in Detroit and at the Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
She speaks four languages.

She is author of the book Art Without Rejection which is used for teaching in 105 American universities.

A French documentary film Une Place dans le Futur was recently made about her work by Pierre Marchou, the Mayor of Vence, France.

The artworks of Sheila Reid are exhibited & collected by major museums, including the Guggenheim Museum in NY,
Musée de Art Contemporain in St Etienne, France,
Davis Museum, Boston, & Museum of Arts & Sciences,
Daytona Beach, Florida, Museum bibliotheca, Alexandria Egypt, Kyoto institute Museum, Japan, Fynskunst Museum, Denmark, Utha Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City.

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